Chatbot Solutions - Customer Service Chatbot Experiences

While you enjoy your time off, your chatbots will be hard at work qualifying and converting prospects into paid customers.

We build your solution, from the ground up according to your needs.

Our team is working the last years full time on chatbot creation, with an experienced team ready to work on:

  • Business consulting with the optimal flows
  • User Categorization Strategy
  • Copywriting based on client’s guidelines
  • Analysis of client’s existing services to propose and fully implement new features
  • Adoptive team, ready and experienced to collaborate with any part of an organization

Communicate and engage with your customers, wherever they are

We want to use an already widely used channel (eg messenger), so that we can reach more users. We use a channel that the users are already familiarized with (no need to download extra applications) and use its ability for continuous re-engagement Impressive opening-rate compared to other channels and a seamless way to share content with friends.

Statistics tailored around your use-case.

Our chatbot platform is built as an end to end solution, with the ability to add any custom component and connect to any third party API, based on, Chatbot engine and flows, Administration Panel and Data Analysis Panel.

Most popular use-cases designs

Banking Chatbot

Easier search within the FAQ tree with higher customer service deflection rates, forwarding less messages to the agent. The interaction is based on easy and friendly information collection for faster investigation of a user’s issue.

Postal Service Chatbot

Strengthen the trust of your customers with receipt notifications and easy-to-access parcel tracking. Offer them a fast, free and friendly tracking service and make sure you understand their preferences, so you can promote them relevant content.

Hotel Chatbot

Provide your guests with their personal assistant before, during and after their visit. Build or extend your loyalty system, focus on cross selling services with a friendly system and automate the most common service requests and procedures.

Ready to create a direct, smart and automated channel with your users?