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VR Business Solutions & AR Experiences

Creating interactive exhibitions with purpose, including virtual reality or augmented reality. Find out more about how we can help you, here.

Next-generation exhibitions

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, offers us the ability to add 3D elements and content to the physical world through a device. With this technology we can explain parts of artifacts, create mini-games or even navigate the visitor to our journey.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can create a whole new environment for the user to navigate, with a complete interaction with every element within. It is great for creation of educational games, storytelling and projection of virtual content.

Video & Projections

An impressive projeciont, can engage your visitors and tell effectively your stories. These projections can vary from simple videos made smartly to highlight the correct points, to complex projections covering the whole floor or reacting to visitors movement.

Project Implementation

Building a modern exhibition can be challenging, having to decide about the technologies, hardware, venue and the collaboration with the content creators. Our experienced team can help you with any part of the process, to get the optimal result.

Discover our work in Helexpo TIF

Interactive Exhibition with a Purpose

Our goal is not to just share content. Based on interactivity and gamification, we want to tell your story, through innovative exhibits. Build your digital journey based on your target audience and the narration of your content.

Exquisite Design

We make sure we make the best use of technology, to serve your content. We want interactive exhibits that can really engage visitors and create a strong memory.

Fully Customizable

You do not have to adjust your goals to the technological limitations. We work together to analyze your goals and we create any solution needed, as we own the whole IP.


The key point for modern exhibitions, is to create an interactive experience. The sense of a storytelling or a gaming feel, is optimal to highlight the most important parts of your content.

Want to discuss how we can work together, to create a holistic experience?