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VR Business Solutions & Digital Training

Educate your team to handle even the toughest situations, through digital training with VR experience.

The most engaging training experience.

Create a team ready to handle even the toughest situations

Virtual Reality

Could be applied to any training, with great results in cases hard to simulate, like:

  • Working in big heights
  • Fire Fighting
  • Escaping a building during fire or earthquake
  • Working with heavy machinery
  • Working close to sources of electricity
  • Working in construction

360° Interactive Training

Could be applied to any training, with great results to train a large number of employees to cases like:

  • Induction to a new working environment
  • Training on new guidelines
  • Quizzes to test your work force readiness
  • Rapidly offering solutions to technical problems (eg firstly check this valve and then take a metric form this clock)
  • Merchandising Training

Watch the Virtual Reality Safety Product Video

Virtual Reality Safety Training

Train your team to handle even the toughest situations.

Engagement Rate Increasement

The VR environment offers trainees the opportunity to see and “touch” the objects around them. Provide high-quality trainings to your employees and increase the success rate of the whole procedure by taking advantage of the gamification and realistic feel of the VR environment.

Cost Reduction

VR training takes less time than a typical theoretical one. Train your employees in a VR environment and skip the cost of gathering them into a specific place, hire extra personnel, work with insurance and reserve extra spaces and equipment.

Continuous Training

Setup your training available at all times for your personnel. You want to offer the possibility to your team to train in hard situations with no risk and fear, at any time. We are building a culture of continuous training, where we want our people to have instant access to training scenarios

The Innovative Digital Training Market

The Safety Market is an emerging training industry, as the society and regulations expect from corporation to offer a safe working environment. Work accidents cost billions of euros to big corporations each year. Digital training consisted the 3% of the total training market in 2015. In 2019 it consisted 9% and we expect an even higher growth the following years, as the Covid-19 situation pushed all organizations towards digital transformation. The XR Solutions are considered the most engaging forms of digital trainings, as the user can experience everything during the training.

360° Interactive Training

Rapidly deploy new training scenarios, based on your unique workspace. Immedialty train thousand of users to any device you choose.

Training as a Game

Fast and engaging training based on gamification, that can be used instantly by thousand users.

Fully Customizable

High quality panoramas enriched with information points, guidelines and paths.

Unlimited Choises

Easy integration, using any device | mobile, tablet, desktop or even Virtual Reality headsests.

Administration Panel

We offer and end to end solution, to make sure you make the most out of your training programs. Use extensive user management tools to better understand how your team is performing.

User Management

See the performance of your personnel, see individual results and keep track of the progress of each team member.

Performance Details

Export statistics on the training programs and discover what parts of your guidelines your need to give extra focus.

Re-engagement Features

Motivate your users to do the training programs and build a culture of continuous training, with automatic email reminders and updates.

KPIs Reports

Easily export any analytics and data you need for your performance reports and get the complete overview of your trainings.

Ready to take your training programs to the next level?