Azure Kinect

We… Azure you that you are not going to regret watching this video. That’s the shortest way to realize the boundless potential of using Azure Kinect DK, which is equipped with the best AI sensors. Should you be interested, reach … Read More

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Womanitee Contest

You know it’s big news when it’s on CNN. In their article you can get a thorough view of Womanitee competition and learn about the innovative prizes that Enneas and Viber will develop for the first three winners.

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HTM: Φανταστικοί Κόσμοι |Εργαστήριο Ψηφιακής Αφήγησης | Digital Storytelling

From Hollywood movies to NFT art, 3D plays a catalytic role in today’s arts and crafts. Through the interactive educational platform, which we developed for Onassis Foundation, younger audiences can now start learning some fundamental theories about 3D and AR/VR. … Read More

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Facebook And Instagram Filters

This Christmas we tried to have some extra fun while working, creating Christmas-y experiences. Have a great time during these holidays, stay safe and we will catch up soon with details about how we created these toys. In the meantime, … Read More

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Hamogelo tou Paidiou

“Hamogelo tou Paidiou” just got a little wider, since the chatbot we developed for this good cause, just reached 100K subscribers! We wholeheartedly thank you and we hope that more of you will join and help children in need!

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10 Best Chatbot Platforms for 2020 | Enneas

Generally speaking, chatbots streamline the communications your customer has with you. Find in this article, the 10 best chatbot platforms for 2020. … Read More

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Why your business needs today digital transformation services | Enneas

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a strategy-led alteration of a company’s processes. We analyzed the reasons why your business needs digital transformation. … Read More

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Travel planning and technologies concept

Travel Chatbots: take customer experience to a new level | Enneas

Chatbots for business take care of instant replies to customers to reassure them someone will help them with their issue. … Read More

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Most innovative chatbots ideas in the web

Most innovative chatbot ideas in the web

We gather the most innovative chatbots ideas on the web and we share them with you. Chatbots take care of instant replies to customers to reassure them. … Read More

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E-Learning Platform for the Onassis Foundation

We focused on a friendly design, interactive educational content and a simple registration process, so all users, regardless of their sophistication, can effortlessly use and interact with the platform. Visit the educational platform on News references:  CNN Greece ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ … Read More

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