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With a range from custom admin panels, moodle solutions, repository software to user friendly apps, make sure you have an end to end solution.

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Deciphering Ancient Scripts with Modern Technology

Our latest video, "Unveiling the Past: Deciphering Ancient Scripts with Modern Technology," showcases our work with ancient manuscripts, including Dioscurides' texts. It highlights how we use digital tools to simplify the study of these historical documents and previews future AI-enhanced features for educational enrichment.

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Digital Legacy: Revitalizing Rizarios Foundation's Rich Heritage | Enneas

Enneas partners with OTE Group to digitize Rizarios Foundation's archives, using tech for cultural preservation and upcoming interactive apps.

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Rotunda Reimagined: A Digital Gateway to Byzantine Wonders by Enneas

Unveiling a digital-ancient blend at the Rotunda of Thessaloniki, magnifying mosaics for a journey through Byzantine history.

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3D Chronicles - Preserving Mount Athos Through Photogrammetry

Preserving Heritage: Explore the synergy of 3D modeling and AI in safeguarding historic monuments, showcasing technology's pivotal role.

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Amsterdam Museum Night - Mixed Reality & Large Projections

Enneas dives into a year of immersive tech with AI focus, unveiling groundbreaking products and expressing gratitude for a year of innovation.