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VR Business Solutions, AR Experiences & Chatbots

Innovative and engaging business solutions, including VR experiences, AR experiences and Chatbot solutions.


AI Chatbots

Create a custom chatbot for marketing, customer support, loyalty programs and growth goals, without the need for any extra apps.

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AR / VR / 360˚

Make use of the most engaging technologies, from creating digital exhibitions to immersive training programs.


Web & Mobile Apps

With a range from custom admin panels, moodle solutions, repository software to user friendly apps, make sure you have an end to end solution.

research & planning

Turning needs to products

Understanding your needs is the first step to deliver a custom software product that let you harness the power of modern software solutions. We are using our software frameworks, libraries and already market-tested techniques, to cover your needs and assist you with your goals.
creativity & technology

Problem solving technologies

Once we have a complete overview of what we are creating, we desing a solid action plan. We choose state of the art technologies, make use of already tested assets and we make sure to keep you updated in the whole process in order to get the best results out of what we are building.
implementation & performance

The final product

Making sure our products serve the reason they are created, is the most important phase of the creation cycle. We offer support to make sure not only our products work seamlessly, but also make any changes or actions required to cover your needs, goals and highlight the impact of what you created.
What we do

Why choose our products

Using our vast software IP, frameworks, libraries and already tested technology solutions we can create in short delivery periods products that assist your needs

Conversion Chatbots

Launch your marketing campaigns, engage your audience and instantly receive tangible results. Create friendly and fun to use flows and see your KPIs boosted.


Customer Support Chatbot

Increase your deflection rates and positive sentiment, by immediately answering to your users. The system gets better and better with time and can smartly redirect requests.


Booking Chatbot

While you enjoy your time off, your chatbots will be hard at work qualifying and converting prospects into appointments. Now that's what we call working smart.

360° Interactive Training

Train your personnel with high quality panoramas of the actual space, where they can navigate and interact. Perfect for induction of new team members and fast training of new guidelines.

VR Safety Training

Use the most engaging technology, to train your team to handle even the toughest situations, by interacting with everything. How else can you simulate the stressful situation of a fire?

Moodle Solutions

E-learning platforms are becoming crucial to every aspect of education. Together we can build a modern platform and make sure we adjust your content to the digital era.

Augmented Reality

Want to magnetize your users? Create AR applications that add 3D models, animations or mini-games to physical objects such as stands, artworks, products or leaflets.

Digital Exhibitions

Create an interactive and modern exhibition based on technology. Discover how your digital content can be transformed to complex projections, VR and AR apps and e-tables.

Custom Apps

With a range from custom admin panels, repository software, data analytics platforms to user friendly apps, make sure you have an end to end solution.

Azure Kinect

We… Azure you that you are not going to regret watching this video. That’s the shortest way to realize the boundless potential of using Azure Kinect DK, which is equipped with the best AI sensors. Should you be interested, reach … Read More

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Womanitee Contest

You know it’s big news when it’s on CNN. In their article you can get a thorough view of Womanitee competition and learn about the innovative prizes that Enneas and Viber will develop for the first three winners.

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From Hollywood movies to NFT art, 3D plays a catalytic role in today’s arts and crafts. Through the interactive educational platform, which we developed for Onassis Foundation, younger audiences can now start learning some fundamental theories about 3D and AR/VR. … Read More

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Facebook And Instagram Filters

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Hamogelo tou Paidiou

“Hamogelo tou Paidiou” just got a little wider, since the chatbot we developed for this good cause, just reached 100K subscribers! We wholeheartedly thank you and we hope that more of you will join and help children in need! https://enneas.gr/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Hamogelo-Video-100k-Simple.mp4

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Selected Partners

Organizations that gave us the opportunity to assist their goals with our products and innovate in the Greek market.

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