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About us We are a creative team trying to find new and inspiring ways to assist our clients with  state-of-the-art applications.


What we offer

Products tested by millions of users

AI Chatbots

Power your conversational AI

Create a custom chatbot for marketing, customer support, loyalty programs and growth goals, without the need for any extra apps.

Launch your marketing campaigns, engage your audience and instantly receive tangible results. Create friendly and fun to use flows and see your KPIs boosted.

While you enjoy your time off, your chatbots will be hard at work qualifying and converting prospects into appointments. Now that's what we call working smart.

AR / VR / 360

Create an immersive experience

Make use of the most engaging technologies, from creating digital exhibitions to immersive training programs.

Create an interactive and modern exhibition based on technology. Discover how your digital content can be transformed to complex projections, VR and AR apps and e-tables.

Use the most engaging technology, to train your team to handle even the toughest situations, by interacting with everything. How else can you simulate the stressful situation of a fire?

Web & Mobile Apps

Launch your end-to-end solution

With a range from custom admin panels, moodle solutions, repository software to user friendly apps, make sure you have an end to end solution.

E-learning platforms are becoming crucial to every aspect of education. Together we can build a modern platform and make sure we adjust your content to the digital era.

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything”
- Sean Gerety

Work Flow

Enneas' Methodology

A 3-steps Process

Research & Planning

Understanding your needs is the first step to deliver a software product that let you harness the power of modern tech solutions. We are using our frameworks, libraries and already market-tested techniques, to cover your needs and assist you with your goals.

Creativity & Technology

Once we have a complete overview of what we are creating, we desing a solid action plan. We make sure to keep you updated in the whole process in order to get the best results out of what we are building.

Implementation & Performance

Making sure our products serve the reason they are created, is the most important phase of the creation cycle. We offer support to make sure not only our products work seamlessly, but also make any changes or actions required to cover your needs, goals and highlight the impact of what you created.

Join our group of selected Partners.

See below part of our clientele who we work, to assist their goals with our products and innovate in our region.


Draft the proper solution.


Execute with the correct architecture.


Make sure users have a seamless experience.


Assist to make the best out of it.


Our Latest Projects & Tech

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Behind the Curtain: Countdown to Megaron’s Exhibition

Join us behind the scenes as we prepare for our upcoming exhibition at Megaron Mousikis, with more details coming next week on epantokrator.gr

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Mission Through Time: An Interactive Journey

Explore "Mission Through Time," our portfolio video highlighting dynamic interactive experiences.

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Palimpsests: Exploring History through Infrared, Ultrasonic, and Electromagnetic Tomography

Unveiling Palimpsests: Using Infrared Reflectography, Ultrasonic Tomography, and Electromagnetic Tomography to uncover hidden history and art.

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Augmented Reality | Treasure Hunts: The Sliding Tile Saga

Embark on Asclepius' journey with our AR app at the Museum of Medical History, Ioannina. Discover 'Hidden Designs' and unlock the secrets of ancient medical tools in a thrilling treasure hunt.

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Deciphering Ancient Scripts with Modern Technology

Our latest video, "Unveiling the Past: Deciphering Ancient Scripts with Modern Technology," showcases our work with ancient manuscripts, including Dioscurides' texts. It highlights how we use digital tools to simplify the study of these historical documents and previews future AI-enhanced features for educational enrichment.

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A Deep Dive into Digitization Techniques: Preserving the Past with Computer Vision

At Enneas, witness how our cutting-edge technology, utilizing computer vision, preserves hard-to-read information for future generations.

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