Make use of the most engaging technologies, from creating digital exhibitions to immersive training programs.

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Augmented Reality | Treasure Hunts: The Sliding Tile Saga

Embark on Asclepius' journey with our AR app at the Museum of Medical History, Ioannina. Discover 'Hidden Designs' and unlock the secrets of ancient medical tools in a thrilling treasure hunt.

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Empowering Change: Award-Winning AR Experience for Action Aid

Thrilled to share our AR Experience won 'Best Use of Digital' at the Indie Awards, showcasing our commitment to impactful tech for social change.

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Preserving History in Pixels: The Unseen Value of Photogrammetry in Monuments

Enneas employs photogrammetry to meticulously craft 3D models, preserving cultural heritage for restoration, research, and immersive experiences.

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Animating History: Bringing Statues to Life with AR Technology

Revitalize history with AR, animating ancient statues for an immersive, interactive experience.

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AR Wonders with Vikos Herbs

Exploring Vikos Herbs: A Bridge Between Nature and Technology using Augmented Reality