Augmented Reality | Treasure Hunts: The Sliding Tile Saga

Embark on Asclepius' journey with our AR app at the Museum of Medical History, Ioannina. Discover 'Hidden Designs' and unlock the secrets of ancient medical tools in a thrilling treasure hunt.

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Ready to take you further on a journey where history leaps into the palm of your hand? If you were amazed at seeing the statue of Asclepius come alive, wait until you see where his path leads you next in our augmented reality adventure. 🚀

Introducing "Hidden Designs," a unique mini-game within our larger AR app designed for the Museum of Medical History. Dive deep into rare, hand-drawn medical tool designs, a treasure trove of history that's rarely explored. This AR experience doesn't just educate; it engages and excites, making every discovery an adventure for our young explorers.

But "Hidden Designs" is only a part of a grander scheme. It serves as a crucial piece of a larger treasure hunt that spans across the museum, each step designed to immerse visitors into the rich tapestry of medical history and innovation. This initiative is a highlight of our extensive digital program, aiming to revolutionize how museums interact with their audiences, especially the younger, curious minds.

Join us as we blend culture, history, and the latest in AR technology to create a learning experience unlike any other. Together, let's trace the steps of Asclepius and uncover the mysteries of medical history through a lens that brings the past vividly to life.#ARAdventure#MuseumInnovation#DigitalHeritage#AsclepiusPath

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