Empowering Change: Award-Winning AR Experience for Action Aid

Thrilled to share our AR Experience won 'Best Use of Digital' at the Indie Awards, showcasing our commitment to impactful tech for social change.

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πŸŽ‰ Thrilled to announce that our Augmented Reality Experience, created in collaboration with Vitamin Media | 360Β° Advertising Agency for ActionAid, has just won the "Best Use of Digital" award at the Indie Awards! This achievement highlights our dedication to harnessing innovative technology for social impact.

🌐 Working together, we crafted an immersive AR experience that not only engages users but also raises awareness for the vital work Action Aid does around the globe. Our partnership with Vitamin Media allowed us to combine creativity and cutting-edge technology to create a truly impactful experience.

πŸ† We're incredibly proud of this recognition and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to meaningful change. A huge thank you to our talented team and to Vitamin Media for their collaboration. Here's to pushing boundaries and shaping a better future through innovative solutions! πŸš€

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