Animating History: Bringing Statues to Life with AR Technology

Revitalize history with AR, animating ancient statues for an immersive, interactive experience.

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Witness a remarkable fusion of history and innovation as we bring ancient statues to life in our latest AR project. Our technology animates these timeless figures, offering an interactive and engaging experience that transcends traditional museum visits.

Through AR, these statues not only become accessible but also narrate their stories, making history more relatable and immersive than ever before.

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Palimpsests: Exploring History through Infrared, Ultrasonic, and Electromagnetic Tomography

Unveiling Palimpsests: Using Infrared Reflectography, Ultrasonic Tomography, and Electromagnetic Tomography to uncover hidden history and art.

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Augmented Reality | Treasure Hunts: The Sliding Tile Saga

Embark on Asclepius' journey with our AR app at the Museum of Medical History, Ioannina. Discover 'Hidden Designs' and unlock the secrets of ancient medical tools in a thrilling treasure hunt.

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Deciphering Ancient Scripts with Modern Technology

Our latest video, "Unveiling the Past: Deciphering Ancient Scripts with Modern Technology," showcases our work with ancient manuscripts, including Dioscurides' texts. It highlights how we use digital tools to simplify the study of these historical documents and previews future AI-enhanced features for educational enrichment.