The Viber weather chatbot with over 200k Subscribers!

Meteo Chatbot in Viber

The first-ever weather chatbot in the Greek Market.

With over 200K Subscribers

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Some people are singing in the rain, while others get moody when the weather gets heavy. In both cases you can know the weather in advance. Just subscribe to the Viber chatbot that we developed for Meteo!

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Cultural Digitization and Immersive apps in Venice

Excited to reveal our latest project in Venice, showcasing our work with esteemed partners in cultural digitization, blending tech innovation with heritage preservation, and promising more immersive experiences to come.

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Chatbot that Work

Discover how our simple yet effective chatbots are transforming the gaming industry by delivering swift and precise information directly to users. These tools have not only become immensely popular but have also garnered acclaim and awards for their impactful performance.

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🕒 From Empty Space to Cultural Showcase: A Timelapse Transformation at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

Watch our team transform an empty venue into a vibrant mini-museum at Megaron in just a few hours through our latest timelapse video. This showcase highlights the precision and expertise of our team, demonstrating our commitment to blending technology with cultural narratives.