Palimpsests: Exploring History through Infrared, Ultrasonic, and Electromagnetic Tomography

Unveiling Palimpsests: Using Infrared Reflectography, Ultrasonic Tomography, and Electromagnetic Tomography to uncover hidden history and art.

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While we often spotlight our immersive applications and gamified experiences at Enneas, there's a profound layer of advanced technical work hidden beneath. This unseen groundwork is crucial, enabling us to unveil the secrets of the past and present them in engaging, contemporary formats.

Our collaboration with religious institutions to uncover palimpsests in monastery walls is a testament to this. Employing state-of-the-art techniques like infrared reflectography, ultrasonic tomography, and electromagnetic tomography, we've been able to reveal hidden artistry and techniques that provide a deeper understanding of art and history's evolution.

This work is not just about technology; it's a bridge connecting us to byzantine culture, history, art, and the social fabric of our region. As we continue investing in cutting-edge tech, our goal is to advance cultural preservation and highlight the sector's significance.

Be sure to explore our digital repositories, digitizations, research, and interactive and immersive applications. These tools are democratizing access to content, opening up new avenues for engagement and education in our rich heritage.


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