Rotunda Reimagined: A Digital Gateway to Byzantine Wonders by Enneas

Unveiling a digital-ancient blend at the Rotunda of Thessaloniki, magnifying mosaics for a journey through Byzantine history.

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Delighted to unveil our latest venture at the historic Rotunda of Thessaloniki: a permanent installation marrying the ancient with the digital. It's a privilege to contribute to such a significant monument, enhancing its storytelling with our technology.

Our installation not only magnifies the stunning mosaics with unrivaled detail but also connects visitors to a broader narrative. We've woven a network of paths leading to other important landmarks, crafting a holistic journey through the area's rich Byzantine history.

This isn't just a tour; it's an ecosystem that offers value, context, and a deeper understanding of the cultural treasures we're surrounded by.

We're proud to have played a part in creating this immersive experience.

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