Web & Mobile Apps

With a range from custom admin panels, moodle solutions, repository software to user friendly apps, make sure you have an end to end solution.

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Rotunda Reimagined: A Digital Gateway to Byzantine Wonders by Enneas

Unveiling a digital-ancient blend at the Rotunda of Thessaloniki, magnifying mosaics for a journey through Byzantine history.

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3D Chronicles - Preserving Mount Athos Through Photogrammetry

Preserving Heritage: Explore the synergy of 3D modeling and AI in safeguarding historic monuments, showcasing technology's pivotal role.

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Amsterdam Museum Night - Mixed Reality & Large Projections

Enneas dives into a year of immersive tech with AI focus, unveiling groundbreaking products and expressing gratitude for a year of innovation.

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Onassis Education Classroom

An interactive educational platform, aiming to provide quality content to thousand students each year.