VR Safety Training Platform

Our Virtual Reality Platform, aiming to help our users face the most difficult work situations.

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VR Safety Training Platform for Compote

The most engaging training experience.

Engagement Rate Increasement

The VR environment offers trainees the opportunity to see and “touch” the objects around them. Provide high-quality trainings to your employees and increase the success rate of the whole procedure by taking advantage of the gamification and realistic feel of the VR environment.

Cost Reduction

VR training takes less time than a typical theoretical one. Train your employees in a VR environment and skip the cost of gathering them into a specific place, hire extra personnel, work with insurance and reserve extra spaces and equipment.

Continuous Training

Setup your training available at all times for your personnel. You want to offer the possibility to your team to train in hard situations with no risk and fear, at any time. We are building a culture of continuous training, where we want our people to have instant access to training scenarios

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